About Us

Manovikas is the Anandvan's most Ambitious project!

Manovikas Internet Deaddiction & Psychiatric treatment center is Maharashtra first internet , screen & mobile deaddiction centre. In the era of internet & mobile, many children & also adults are facing bad effects of excessive mobile and internet use. Which leads to addiction. Ill effects of excessive use started showing effects on human psychology excessively since last 5 years. At manovikas with the help of expert team of doctors we help our patients to limit their internet usage & to live their life stress-free.

At Manovikas we also provide Psychiatric Treatments:

  • Our Psychiatric Treatments & Services
  • Problems related to Adolescent Children
  • Family & Relationship Problems
  • Premarital Counselling
  • Life Skills
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Psychological Treatments
  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Psychiatric Therapy
  • Sexology


Making People Free from E-Addiction

It’s a complete rehabilitation model. The treatment comprises of 30 day in-patient treatment and life long follow-up. Extensive care is also provided as an when required. The treatment programme includes group counselling, individual counselling, therapies.


It was founded by some like minded people with an aim to make a qualitative difference in the existing social structure. The main objective of the Trust is the well being of common man, to re-align his personal, social, family & economical health at large.

The main objective of the Trust is the well being of common man, to re-align his personal, social, family & economical health at large. The area of interest varies from Health initiative for general population to specific special need to groups like Drug users, woman & children, HIV infected individuals, special needed population etc.

Admission Process Manovikas Manasopchar Kendra

  • You Can Give Us Call On : 9139392828
  • Inform the Patient’s Situation
  • Ask for visit to center if needed
  • Process of Form Filling is held at Center
  • Doctor’s Counselling Session for Patient
  • Meditation Session
  • Doctor’s Consultation
  • Admit Patient for the Treatment after Document Verifications
  • Document Needed : Patient’s Adhar Card, Relative’s Adhar Card Copy


E-Addicition centre helps to bring the people out from Addiction, which includes Addiction to Mobiles, Internet, Television, Games.

Yes, We have Sexologist for the Counselling and Psychiatrist for the Treatment if required to help clear all misconceptions.

Psychometric Tests helps us to Understand our Own Personality. As we can see many tests for Physical Problems / illness, but there are no tests for Psychological problems. Hence, to understand the Psychological illness/disorders, Psychometric Tests are helful.

We have our Counselling Sessions, Play Therapy, IQ Test and Questionnaires for Children.